Silly question syndrome..

I’m hereby declared that I’ve been graduated with highest class of honours in silly question’s degree. 😦 Honestly, I’ve been asking lots of silly questions lately and it feels bad indeed, especially when someone noticed it and they sniggered. 

However, some people might not find silly question is just silly like it is. Some people might be asking a ‘silly question’ just to appear friendly and polite (same thing goes to me). It happens when there are no other topics to be discussed and the conversation might end with people asking a very silly question just to heat the table back. Sounds very cliché isn’t it? Yeah, silly question is always a very cliché one.

So, for those who hated silly questioners, do forgive them. It is not their fault when they end up asking you a silly question. Some of them might not be a good questioner and some of them just trying to be polite. Just go with the flow and you’ll be fine. And for those who ever encountered with this kind of syndrome, just let them slipped away. People would easily forget what you have asked after a few days later.

Words are amazing yet unexpected. We can’t expect only good words from people. If there’s only good word in this world, there’ll be no such things like debate. Life would be very dull without it and there would be no more trending issues here and there.

Maybe my mom is right, I should’ve been silence before spitting out words without even think how silly they are.