Mission accomplished!!

The title is quite intriguing I guess because someone might wonder what kind of mission I’d went through. Do continue your reading if you want to know what kind of mission I’m talking about.

Mission: Complete set of Harry Potter’s novels.

Mission started: I don’t remember but I guessed it was when my mother gave my first Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone novel for my 13th birthday in 2004.

Mission accomplished: 20th April 2012. (English-World Book Day)


L- R: 1st novel (The Philosopher’s Stone, 2nd (The Chamber of Secret), 3rd (The Prisoner of Azkaban), 4th (The Goblet of Fire), 5th (The Order of The Phoenix), 6th (The Half-Blood Prince), 7th (The Deathly Hallows).

I’m so grateful and felt very triumphant upon completing my mission. Having a complete set of Harry Potter novels is my ultimate dream when I first knew about it. Although I am kinda old to dream of something like that, I think it’s fine for me as long as I reached my goal. Who cares anyway? 

Besides, this is the proof that I am one of Harry Potter fans out there. How nice! Reading the books are worthier than watching the films because JK Rowling would describe every single thing that film would not be able to do. Believe me, reading the books ain’t like watching the film. (but, of course the actors and the actresses in the film did make the characters come alive). They did a very good job which I can’t deny.

Well, Harry Potter’s films were finally over but as long as I owned the set of those wonderful novels, I see there’s no point for me to worry about. I lived with the novels not the films.

If Harry Potter is the boy who lived, then JK Rowling is the best novelist who ever lived. 🙂


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