Frozen ‘keropok lekor’..For real?


caught a glimpse of this packaging while I was at Giant Kota Bharu. I think this is one of the efforts made by keropok lekor makers to globalised the local product. It’s a good effort I must say. I’m pretty sure east coast people (those originated from Kelantan and Terengganu) don’t have to worry anymore about getting on their favourite snack while they’re abroad because here it comes, frozen keropok lekor ready to be fried! 😉


It’s not the camera, it’s the man behind the camera

If you could understand the quote well, I guess you’re the person with hidden talent in photography. I got this one nice quote after attending  a basic photography course for DSLR camera at my hometown. Instead of loitering at the mall, my brother and I chose to attend the course although we had a hectic schedule of repairing our house in Taiping. Besides, it was my aunt who persuaded us to go so that we could teach her upon completing the course. And yes! We learnt a lot of camera things and we might even able to talk about shutter speed, aperture value, ISO, art of seeing, rule of thirds, bounce flash, bokeh and many more things. Here are some pictures we took during the course. They’re the product of amateurs; me and my brother. 

DSC_2786that’s my brother

DSC_2940searching for a nice spot

DSC_2983yes..the model


DSC_2889the owner of the studio; the one with bluetooth headset. 

DSC_2901what a lovely couple 🙂

DSC_3010the ‘pro’ crew, always had their best of the best art of seeing. do i need to say more?

DSC_2952one of the beautiful spots of Taiping Lake Garden

DSC_2960my very first experience using creative lighting system (CLS) by Nikon

DSC_3001the devices

manual photography cheat sheet

if you’re interested in this DSLR thingy or still new to it, I shall be happy to let you know about this manual photography cheat sheet. It’s very useful.

All the pictures taken by us might not be the best because we’re still new and have very few experience in handling dslr camera. But I have to say that no matter how sophisticated and expensive your camera is, if you’re still using your dslr in an auto-mode then you’re definitely not the man behind the camera. Here’s a simple analogy: handling DSLR camera in manual-mode is like driving a car in manual gear. Get it? Real men behind the camera uses manual-mode and that are what shutter speed, aperture, iso, white balance, and  AF all about.

It only you that matters; to learn or not to learn. Don’t waste your money on buying DSLR camera if you don’t have any idea on how to use it. Make your every moment counts! 😉