bestfriendship…just the matter of fact

I just knew that some of my friends did have blogs. Well, I don’t even expected that they have blogs! I think it is the same way they don’t expected me to have blogs too. 😉 Haha.Okay, I know the sentence is kind of ‘twisted’ but I’m sure everyone can understand it. I’m pretty sure all of you can understand the sentence. Pretty sure..

I’ve discovered that my most craziest friend of all, Fatin has her own blog. Hahaha…:) sumpah lawak! I’ve never expected her to join blogging but I have to accept the truth that she’s one of the blogger now. I had been her friend from form 1 when I was in MRSM Gerik and the thing that I like most about her (which I think is very unique) is her interest in Malaysian band’s song. She used to like Samudera band, BPR and other bands (I don’t know much about these bands, sorry). There are very few people which still listening to this type of song. The most undeniable thing about these songs is the lyrics. My friend said that they are very meaningful, indeed. However, it is not the type of song’s genre that I used to like because I think the ‘degree of sentimentalisation’ of the song is just too advanced for me 😛

That is what I defined friendship. Friendship is just not something that you must have in common. Bestfriendship is when somebody else completes you. In other words, bestfriendship happened when one of your friends with a different skill, with a same interest (not all interest, if you know what I mean) understands you more than anyone else. My friend, Fatin doesn’t share the same interest with me and  the most important thing is, she’s a romantic type (Teng, blame the truth, not me!haha). Despite all the differences, we are still best friends because she understands me more than any of my friends.

I wish friends were like money so I could hold them up to the ultraviolet light to see which one is real and which one is fake. And for Fatin Nabilah, I always believe that you’re the real one. 😉