Out-of-date. Databases are obsolete!

The most accurate word for my blog I must say. That is the warning you’ll get when your antivirus software has not been updated for days, or weeks or months or even years. Same goes to me. I think I haven’t post anything new on my blog for a month I guess. It was really bad for an amateur blogger like me. Believe me, I’m not an avid blogger. I just wrote anything that amused me. I am such a picky person.

FYI, I had just finished my semester holidays and it’s time to get back with a pile of work once again. Yeah, that is the life cycle of a student. It sounds very dull indeed. You wake up early in the morning, get dressed, having lectures throughout the day, return to your hostel in the evening and sit in front of the laptop for facebook, twitter, blog and emails at night. Despite all the dullness you experienced in your daily life as a student, you didn’t even realized that you are being cherished by your wonderful friends. Some of them might not so wonderful but most of them are. So, do appreciate your badmouth friends and let your dreariness slipped away.

Fake friends praise you, real friends insult you…well, it’s undeniable. Get used to it.